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  • TV3 has over one hundred subtitles in the international EasyTV project

    Category: news on Apr 7th, 2020

    TV3 already has over a hundred of subtitles in different languages: Spanish, English and Arabic, in addition to the usual Catalan, that are available on-demand as a result of the EasyTV project pilot, under the innovation and research program of European Union 2020 horizon.


    Programs with multi-language subtitles can be viewed on demand, on the TV3's website and Tv3alacarta HbbTV red button application. In some cases, users of HbbTv connected TVs are notified of live multi-language subtitles broadcasts at the beginning of the program. "The provision multi-language subtitles of quality for television content is especially useful at this time, because of the coronavirus crisis, language learning is only available online."


    The experience will serve CCMA to check the technological tools available that can help improve the access to deaf users of different cultures to Catalan. At the end of the trial, the CCMA and the other partners participating in the Easy TV project will evaluate the results. If the experience gained and the technologies used were viable, they would be able to study the incorporation of multi-language subtitling into TV3 on a regular basis in the future.


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    CCMA is promoting the multilingual subtitles pilot by means of press release and coordinated actions on social networks at three layers: corporation, tv channel and program twitter accounts.

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  • The EasyTV Project presented to the ALMA Network

    Category: news, events on Jan 30th, 2020

    The EasyTV Project was presented on 30th January to the ALMA Network experts. The meeting took place at the UAB campus in Barcelona. This network specialises in the research of accessibility and minority languages, and it includes both academic researchers and industry experts, all from Spain.

    Each participant presented the technologies or projects they were developing. After each presentation, a small discussion took place among the attendants to gather feedback. CCMA presented the EasyTV crowdsourcing platform.


  • EasyTV article - Published in CORDIS Research*eu Magazine

    Category: news on Jan 27th, 2020

    EasyTV project contributed to the latest Research*eu magazine special feature on ‘The growing power of media content convergence’.

    The published article can be found here:



  • CCMA/TV3 starts the test phase of the EasyTV project

    Category: news on Jan 16th, 2020

    CCMA/TV3 has called for volunteers to help subtitle some of its programs in Spanish, English, Arabic and Amazigh. This is a pilot test that will be carried out over the coming months and is part of the EasyTV initiative, which is part of the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation program. The aim is "to check the the tools that in the future, will improve the access of  different cultures audiences to Catalan television."

     Those offered to participate in the project will not have to directly translate the content, but rather their task will be to collaborate on "the correction of texts generated by an automatic translator through an online platform". Subtitles will be generated before the program airs, so that when broadcast, each viewer can choose in what language they want to view them.


    Public call :

    Page to engage volunteers to participate:

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  • 8th HbbTV Symposium and Awards

    Category: events on Dec 5th, 2019

    Event's date: 21 - 22 November 2019

    Place of celebration: Megaron International conference center - Athens.

    Kind of event: Industry meeting and conferences with marketers, advertisers, broadcasters, digital platform suppliers, manufacturers, app & service developers and many other further industry stakeholders.

    Outreach: More than 300 Professionals.

    Link to the main event:

    Summary of the participation:

    The CCMA participates in the 8th HbbTV Symposium in Athens and shows EasyTV project results.

    The Catalan Broadcasting Corporation has participated these days at the HbbTV Symposium in Athens. This is the biggest event to listen to and discuss with high level speakers all relevant topics in the HbbTV universe, which enhance the user experience in a competitive audio-visual market, offering new and engaging interactive services to the end user

    During the Symposium, the project manager of the Department of Research and New Services of the CCMA, Francesc Mas, offered the conference titled "New HbbTV Apps & New Trends", in which he presented the present and future projects with the technology HbbTV in which the CCMA participates.

    Among the projects presented, highlights the future HbbTV service with accessibility enhancements that will facilitate the interaction of users with visual impairments thanks to the voice guidance offered while the users navigate through menus, sections and options of the TV3 red button service.

    In the same way, the new multi-language subtitling authoring and distribution service was also presented, which will allow to offer audiovisual contents accessible not only for people with hearing loss, but also for foreign language people and language learning purposes.