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  • EasyTV at the Barcelona Sc13nc3 Fest 2019

    Category: events, news on Nov 1st, 2019

    Every year Barcelona organizes an encounter with science, technology, knowledge and culture. This year is on the 26 and 27 October. The Thirteenth Science Festival offers around 200 activities in 24 venues to find out about the research conducted in Barcelona and its area of influence.

    See info in this link.

    The activities bring all topics of scientific research within everyone's grasp and some of them do so within the framework of three famous personalities and events that have transformed society: the 500th anniversary of Leonardo da Vinci's death, 150 years since Dmitri Mendeléiev published the periodic table of chemical elements and 50 years since mankind reached the Moon.

    This year the festival is for people of all ages, from young children under 6, boys and girls, to teenagers, families and adults with a new area of workshops and demonstrations for people aged 16 and up. Professionals from more than 150 organisations will tell you about their research and discoveries through many different formats in which science and technology often come together with games, the visual arts and shows.

    The Thirteenth Science festival is increasing its commitment to digital content and reducing the event's environmental impact. You can find the full activity programme on this website, which you can also access using the QR codes on the signage. There will also be an information point and support staff to answer any questions in the Moll de la Fusta.

    UAB organized a space “If you could not see” where all their H2020 projects were presented, including EasyTV, represented by Irene Tor Carroggio, Daniel Segura and Pilar Orero.


  • EasyTV present at 2019 EBU Access Services Experts Group

    Category: events on Oct 21st, 2019

    EasyTV was present at 2019 EBU Access Services Experts Group. This group brings together broadcast professionals from access services such as subtitling, signed programmes, audio description and audio subtitling which enable sensory impaired people to access public broadcasters' content all over Europe.

    The agenda can be found here

    This group meets once a year to raise the most important questions during a plenary session which has become, over the years, the meeting point for those working in accessibility services across EBU organizations.

    Jordi Mata and Jordi Fabregat from CCMA with Pilar Orero (UAB)


  • CCMA demonstrated innovative accessibility solutions in immersive content at IBC

    Category: events, news on Sep 27th, 2019

    The Catalan Corporation of Mitjans Audiovisuals (CCMA) was present in the Future Zone area of IBC 2019 in Amsterdam, presenting the European ImAc and EasyTV accessibility projects in which both co-financed by the European Union participate in its H2020 program.

     Jordi Mata, Francisco Mas and Jordi Fabregat, from the Department of Engineering of CCMA, were in charge of showing the progress in these projects.

    CCMA at IBC 2019The ImAc project works on the integration of accessibility services into immersive experiences in 360º, attending to the needs of groups with vision, hearing, learning and elderly problems.

    IBC has presented the latest version of its web player on different devices (PC, connected television, smartphones, tablets and virtual glasses HMD) with the different types of presentation and customization developed, such as synchronized content playback between the HbbTV TV and a tablet. At the same time the different professional tools for editing accessibility content have been shown.

    The EasyTV project , based on the HbbTV hybrid television standard, shows a second screen application that offers accessibility solutions that complement the content of the main screen. You could also see a screen reader for HbbTV applications that allows people with visual difficulties to more easily access the desired content and a multilingual solution to create content such as subtitles or sign language through a collaborative crowdsourcing platform.


  • EasyTV project at the International Conference on Sign Language

    Category: events on Sep 18th, 2019

    Marta Bosch, Pilar Orero and Olga Soler-Vilageliu will present results from the EasyTV project at the International Conference on Sign Language organised by the CNLSE on 19th September 2019 in Madrid. The presentation will have the title "Recepción de la lengua de signos en TV: Estudio sobre la percepción de pantallas compuestas".

    The presentation can be found here:

    The  programme for the conference can be downloaded from here:



  • EasyTV at the ITU The Future of Television for Europe

    Category: events on Jun 10th, 2019

    The ​International Telecommunication Union (ITU) encourages a dialogue among stakeholders in the various regions of the world to discuss the future of Television. To this end, following the success of “The Future of Cable TV (Geneva, Switzerland, 25-26 January 2018) and The Future of TV for the Americas (Bogotá, Colombia, 26 November 2018), the ITU will held a Workshop on “The Future of Television for Europe", which will took place on 7 June 2019 in Geneva, Switzerland at the ITU Headquarters.

    This event, which is jointly organized by the three Sectors of the ITU (Radiocommunication: ITU-R; Standardization: ITU-T; and Development: ITU-D), focused on the diverse emerging broadband and broadcast technologies, including cable TV, with the aim to assist countries in the region of Europe to assess challenges, dynamics and opportunities. 

    This workshop was organized within the context of the European Regional Initiative approved by WTDC-17 on “Broadband Infrastructure, Broadcasting and Spectrum Management”. The event was also supported by the ITU-R SG6 (Broadcasting service) and ITU-T SG9 (Cable broadband and TV), which met meet in collocation, 6-13 June 2019 (see TSB Collective 4/9).

    The aim of the workshop was to discuss the future of television in the region with relevant European and international stakeholders, covering regulatory and policy frameworks, emerging and convergent ICT Infrastructures and services, as well as user interfaces and accessibility issues. It also provided an opportunity to discuss TV-related regional and international standardization and to share best practices and case studies on cable TV roll-outs and other new TV services. EasyTV had a booth where the project was shown by Pilar Orero from UAB.

    The presentation ppt is available in this link