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7th HbbTV Symposium and Awards

Category: events on Dec 12, 2018

Date: 14th & 15th November 2018

Place: ESMT (Business School) - Berlin

Kind of event:  Industry meeting and conferences with marketers, advertisers, broadcasters, digital platform suppliers, manufacturers, app & service developers and many other further industry stakeholders.

Outreach:  More than 300 Professionals.

Link to the main event: https://www.hbbtv.org/7th-hbbtv-symposium-and-awards-2018/

Summary of the participation:

The 7th HbbTV Symposium and Awards took place in Berlin on 14th & 15th November 2018 and provided the unique platform to listen to and discuss with high level speakers all relevant topics in the HbbTV universe. Demonstrations of the most recent and future services provided an inside to the technologies enabled by HbbTV.

More than 300 attendants visited the Symposium, including marketers, advertisers, broadcasters, digital platform suppliers, manufacturers, app and service developers and many further industry stakeholders during this unique event in  Berlin.

Francesc Mas offered a conference entitled "HbbTV, an excellent partner in the path of innovation" in which he presented several projects related to the HbbTV technology, as is the application for smart TVs "Super3 Channel Red Button" that has allowed multiplying the consumption of children's content on compatible TVs by eight. Francesc Mas also explained the advances made in the European project EasyTV, where the second screen will allow the consumption of audiovisual contents or accessibility services enriching the broadcast on HbbTV televisions.


Event picture: