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ASBU EBU Week of Technology

Category: events on Oct 20, 2018

Date: 10th October 2018

Location: Tunis

Kind of event: Professional

Outreach: About 40 broadcast professionals from several Arab States.

CCMA Press Release: http://www.ccma.cat/premsa/la-ccma-presenta-els-nous-reptes-en-laccessibilitat-al-mon-audiovisual/nota-de-premsa/2881066/

Summary of the participation:

On Thursday, October 10, Francesc Mas, project manager of the Research and Innovation Engineering of the CCMA, participated in the technological conferences organized within the framework of the ASBU EBU Week of Technology to present the new challenges in accessibility to the audiovisual content in which the CCMA works. The conferences took place at the premises of the Arabian States Broadcasting Union (ASBU) in Tunis.

In his speech, Francesc Mas presented the various projects that have allowed the CCMA to have a recognized system of production, management and dissemination of accessibility services, such as subtitling and audiodescription. He also summarized the existing recommendations and guidelines that allow to offer content of accessibility of quality without the cost being increased.

In the same session, Mas showed the works carried out within the EasyTV project, which will allow the automated production of accessible content to increase .

Accessibility is an indisputable right for everyone that allows audiovisual content of the media to be available to all citizens, regardless of their sensory capacities. With this objective, Arab States, through the Arabian States Broadcasting Union (ASBU) and in collaboration with the European Broadcasting Union (EBU-UER), have initiated a project to introduce accessibility services to all its public television channels.

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