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EasyTV at the ITU The Future of Television for Europe

Category: events on Jun 10, 2019

The ​International Telecommunication Union (ITU) encourages a dialogue among stakeholders in the various regions of the world to discuss the future of Television. To this end, following the success of “The Future of Cable TV (Geneva, Switzerland, 25-26 January 2018) and The Future of TV for the Americas (Bogotá, Colombia, 26 November 2018), the ITU  held a Workshop on “The Future of Television for Europe", which took place on 7 June 2019 in Geneva, Switzerland at the ITU Headquarters.

This event, which was jointly organized by the three Sectors of the ITU (Radiocommunication: ITU-R; Standardization: ITU-T; and Development: ITU-D), focused on the diverse emerging broadband and broadcast technologies, including cable TV, with the aim to assist countries in the region of Europe to assess challenges, dynamics and opportunities. 

This workshop was organized within the context of the European Regional Initiative approved by WTDC-17 on “Broadband Infrastructure, Broadcasting and Spectrum Management”. The event was also supported by the ITU-R SG6 (Broadcasting service) and ITU-T SG9 (Cable broadband and TV), which met meet in collocation, 6-13 June 2019 (see TSB Collective 4/9).


The aim of the workshop was to discuss the future of television in the region with relevant European and international stakeholders, covering regulatory and policy frameworks, emerging and convergent ICT Infrastructures and services, as well as user interfaces and accessibility issues. It also provided an opportunity to discuss TV-related regional and international standardization and to share best practices and case studies on cable TV roll-outs and other new TV services. EasyTV had a booth where the project was shown by Pilar Orero from UAB.

Presentation by Pilar Orero, UAB
The new concepts for Accessibility systems being developed in Europe

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