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European Audio Subtitles Day - Barcelona

Category: events on Feb 21, 2019

Date: Postponed

Location: Barcelona

CCMA is organising an Audio subtitle Day to raise awareness of the accessibility possibilities of existing subtitling assets.

The day will look at the production, distribution, standardisation and regulations of audio subtitles, to offer workflow solutions and share existing know-how from other EU public broadcasters.

The event is organised from the EU funded projects EasyTV and ImAc.

In Europe media accessibility is moving fast from "raising awareness" to full implementation. This move is due to the publication in 2018 of the revised Audiovisual Media Directive

The new legal framework establishes new obligations along reporting conditions. While some traditional accessibility services such as subtitling or sign language interpreting are well known, perhaps due to its visibility in the screen, other services such as audio description or audio/spoken subtitles are still in their infancy.

EasyTV and ImAc are two of the three EC financed H2020 projects on accessibility focusing on audio subtitles.
During 2019 a number of workshops will be organized across Europe. The aim is to:

  • show existing broadcast solutions across Europe,
  • to present the ISO/IEC 20071-25
  • gather requirements to the many existing workflows,
  • to analyse costs
  • propose a EU iconography for accessibility services
  • and to think of solutions.

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