WP1: Requirements, specification and technical architecture

D1.1: User scenario and requirements definition 
D1.2: System Requirements Specification 
D1.3: First release of the EasyTV system architecture 
D1.4: Final release of the EasyTV system architecture 

WP2: Improved access services for improve multimedia viewing, hearing and description

D2.1: Sign language animation preliminary development and production 

WP3: Novel technologies for the interaction with content and users for breaking the language barrier for people with disabilities

D3.1: Sign language capturing technology preliminary version 
D3.2: Enriched multilingual ontology with signs in different languages preliminary version 
D3.3: Remote control with gesture/gaze controls preliminary version 

WP6: Testing with users and feedback

D6.1: Report on Demographics for the Tests 

WP7: Dissemination and exploitation

D7.1: Early-stage market analysis and initial business model 
D7.2: Report on Identification of Standardisation Bodies