About Project

    EasyTV, a European Horizon 2020 research project, targets to foster wider availability of accessible media offerings to everybody and to provide equal access to audio-visual services for all users, especially for persons with various degrees of disabilities (focused to visual and hearing impaired).
    The project aims at developing media improved access services and making distribution of novel accessibility features with enhanced multimedia visual and sound experience more cost-efficient and yet more flexible to use, and also easier to use.

    EasyTV aims to innovate and kick-start the breakthrough of breaking the language barrier for all by developing technologies which can enhance the interaction and perform sign language translations towards an inclusive media interaction. The heart of EasyTV is an improved personalisation of the content experiencing and interaction, towards a hyper-personalised experience to all. To ensure proper impact, the project approach is designed to create an Information Society for all, towards a barrier free Europe for people with disabilities.

    The overall implementation strategy of EasyTV covers three multidisciplinary and interdependent areas:

  • the design and specifications of system architecture and operation conditions
  • the development of new scientific knowledge and technical solutions
  • the respective validation at reduced or real scale


EasyTV project has the challenge of improving the access to mainstream multimedia products and services for people with different types and levels of disabilities, such as visually or hearing impairment. The objective is avoiding marginalising people from the "Information Society" , where access to information should be freely available to all. In this context, the EasyTV system aims to offer novel media delivery mechanisms.

Μultimedia Αccess

Improved access services for enchanced multimedia visual and sound experience for people with disabilities.

  • Improvement of graphical interfaces that fulfil users' needs.
  • New access services.
  • Sign language animation.

Sign Language Access

Novel technologies to break the sign language barriers

  • Creation of a multilingual crowdsourcing sign language platform and catalogue.
  • Creation of sign ontologies for multilingual Access.
  • Sign language video capturing technology and realistic avatar presentation.

End-users oriented

Different testing with users will establish a close cooperation by exchanging experiences among the different partners and user groups, in order to enhance the whole evaluation and validation process of the EasyTV technology.


Improved personalisation of the content experiencing and interaction for a better Quality of Experience through:

  • Creation of adaptive menus and graphical interfaces.
  • Recommendation tools for content adaption based on user models.
  • Adaption of content access tools with the use of DASH streaming services.

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