The prime motivation of EasyTV is the necessity of equal access to television and audio-visual services so to ensure that all users, especially persons with various degrees disabilities including sight and hearing, the growing ageing population of Europe, and and users with special needs could derive maximum benefit in terms of choice and quality of media content and services. More specifically the main objectives of the EasyTV project are the following:

  • Provide innovative access services for improved multimedia viewing and hearing, and description

  • Hyper-personalisation of the content experience and interaction

  • Novel technologies for the interaction with content and users thus breaking the language barrier for people with disabilities

  • Implement a technical platform which is able to integrate different services aiming at allowing users with disabilities to access contents in a simple and intuitive manner via different terminals.

  • Validate EasyTV resulting technologies with a relevant number of users and coherent methodology

  • Liaise with relevant European accessibility bodies and create needed impact

  • Impact creation